Listen for Damilola Taylor

On November the 27th 2000, ten-year old Damilola Taylor was killed following a stabbing in South-East London. The event shocked the whole of Britain and the subsequent quest for justice finally ended in 2006 with manslaughter charges handed out to brothers Ricky and Danny Preddie.

A year after the tragedy, the parents of Damilola helped to set up the Damilola Taylor Trust. The trust is, ‘committed to providing inner-city youths with opportunities to play, learn and live their lives free of fear and violence with optimism in the future where opportunities abound.’

Unfortunately, the trust has recently been experiencing financial difficulty. In September 2014, Damilola’s father Richard made an appeal for financial assistance, revealing that the trust had debts totalling around £53,000. The appeal was seen as a final option in order to try and keep the trust alive.

Thankfully, Listen Fundraising answered the S.O.S call. On the 27th November 2014, the fourteenth anniversary of Damilola’s death, Listen donated £25,000 to the Trust. Although this kind donation has been able to ensure stability for the trust, Listen is not prepared to stop there.

Recognising the need for additional funds to further support the trust, Listen has set the fundraising family a target. With the help of fundraising enthusiasts, Listen hope to raise a further £20,000 by the end of March 2015. If this figure can be reached, then Listen will match the donation with an additional £20,000 of their own.

Speaking about the donation, Richard Taylor said that, ‘Receiving such a gift on the anniversary of the loss of my son, Damilola, makes this generosity even more poignant. In continuing this work in his name, we are determined to make that dream a reality on behalf of all young people who yearn for a life free of fear, and full of opportunity.’

Tony Charalambides added that, ‘We are delighted to be able to help the Damilola Taylor Trust to go on undertaking its vital work through this donation’ and described the fact that the trust could close as a, ‘very sad one.’ Tony went on to say that, ‘By pledging to match fund a further £20,000, we hope to help the Trust find and retain many more donors to its work, and in time lift it out of debt entirely.’

Listen are accepting donations to help them reach their £20,000 target through their JustGiving page. If you wish to donate to this great cause, or simply wish to find out more about the trust and the campaign, please visit their fundraising page.