Listen Fundraising | Charitable Fundraising Sector

Listen Fundraising work on behalf of various different types of charities throughout the UK. The company has specific experience in fundraising via telephone and SMS texting. Full details of the services offered by Listen Fundraising can be found on the company website . Listen Fundraising has particular expertise in securing legacy pledges. This refers to those situations where an individual agrees to donate a certain amount of money to a charity in his or her will.

Listen Fundraising Listen Fundraising recognises that legacy fundraising is a very specialised niche within the charitable fundraising sector. It is also recognised that legacy pledgers can often be amongst a charity’s most generous supporters. This means that the initial approach of a charity representative needs to be pitched exactly right. Listen Fundraising is aware of the fact that legacy donations can bring benefits to the donor as well as to the charity in question. Once Listen Fundraising has secured a pledge from a potential donor, the charity in question can be almost completely sure that it will be receiving a certain amount of revenue in years to come. The chances of the legacy being revoked are slim. As Listen Fundraising demonstrates, it is very rare for a donor to reverse a decision to make a legacy donation to a charity. There is therefore a marked contrast between a legacy pledge and a monthly Direct Debit arrangement. The problem with Direct Debit arrangements is that the donor can revoke them at any time. If a large number of donors cancel their Direct Debit arrangements in any one period, this can have serious revenue implications for the charity in question.

Listen Fundraising has also identified the fact that a legacy donation can be an attractive option for a potential donor. Such an approach enables an individual to make a contribution to a charity without being faced with an immediate outlay. This method of donating also enables people to pledge much larger amounts than those situations where an immediate payment is requested. Listen Fundraising is aware of the fact that securing legacy donations is not an easy feat. Fundraisers working in this niche need to have a very particular skill set. As Listen Fundraising explains, it takes a certain degree of tact to bring up the whole concept of legacy donations with potential donors. So far, Listen Fundraising has secured over £150million in pledged donations.